Project Description


  • Precise 3D Control Network Establishment
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Layout of Earthworks and Infrastructure
  • High precision checks for structural pours/ constructed structures
  • High precision As-Built/Haunch survey

Location: Bear Flats, BC

Kingston Construction Ltd contracted Vector Geomatics to provide professional survey support for the construction and As-Built survey of the Cache Creek Bridge Project located Bear Flats, BC.

Vector Geomatics laid the foundation by establishing high-precision survey monuments and essential reference points for the project’s entirety. Following monument establishment, the project progressed with an initial form, ground shaping  and design layout. Precise surveying guided the setup of internal rebar and concrete forms, ensuring structural integrity and alignment. Bearing plates were positioned on piers to support prefabricated girders, with Vectors surveying ensuring accurate placement. A comprehensive survey verified the position, slope, and elevation of the landed girders, meeting design specifications. Upon completion of structural components, bridge decking was installed, creating the roadway surface. This marked the conclusion of the Cache Creek Bridge Project in November of 2023.

The completion of this bridge project was a part of four major bridges constructed for the highway 29 realignment for the BC Hydro Site C reservoir project.