LiDAR Design Services

Vector Geomatics has become an industry leader in the conceptual design and location of well leases and pipelines. We combine LiDAR data sets with our CAD systems and our years of experience to save our clients days in the field and dollars out of pocket.

Vector has developed its own proprietary system to design a final lease boundary based on the intended pad size and orientation. We present options to our clients about lease movements based on topographic issues. Vector provides estimates on Volumes of earth to be moved giving our clients a cost-effective way to estimate build costs.

LiDAR datasets are also used to plot pipeline routes. The drafting team can provide the client with grade information, cross sections of the route and estimates of how much additional area may be required to deal with topographic issues.

Vector has had several requests from engineering firms to provide them digital elevation profiles for gas flow analysis. Similarly, when selecting a corridor for pipeline or access routes, which otherwise is a labor-intensive process, Vector has created an add-on program that allows us to generate this information from LiDAR datasets or from government-issued Digital Terrain Models.

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