Drafting Design Services

Vector Geomatics provides a comprehensive range of drafting and design services, incorporating the most current field survey technologies and strict data collection procedures to provide the most accurate drafting designs and products.

Vector delivers advanced, customizable drafting design services by utilizing digital technologies like AutoCAD Civil 3D, as well as, in-house custom software to develop plans rapidly and accurately. Using our automated programs allows us to supply multiple levels of plan drawing for clients to suit their particular needs. We offer detailed plans for engineers, environmental companies and construction plans for clients in the Oil & Gas, Civil and Municipal sectors for applications to the OGC, AER and Land Titles.

Construction Survey Plans

Construction Survey Plans are required to show a great amount of detail such as well sites, pipelines, oil field facilities, road names, grazing tenures, water features and agricultural land reserve boundaries. All of the collected data is stored centrally in an ESRI Spatial Database where it remains accessible and organized for our drafters. A typical construction plan’s scale will be 1:5000 or 1:7500; however, many scales can be used. Size of the construction plans also varies, with typical sizes being 17″ x 22″ and 22″ x 34″.

  • Construction Plans for Facilities & Pipelines

  • Individual Ownership Plans

  • Crossing & Profile Drawings

  • Construction or As-Built Surveys

  • Wellsite Construction Plans

Legal Survey Plans

Vector has extensive experience in the preparation of the following plans:

  • Subdivision Plans

  • Lot Certificates & Real Property Reports

  • Rights of Ways, Easements

  • Topographical & Volume Surveys

  • UAV As-Builts & Volume Surveys

  • Telecommunication Sites & Remote Surveys

  • Indian Reserve Surveys

  • Boundary Surveys

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